How has
Peak Oil
affected you?

Not 'Surviving,' Thriving

Who We Are

We are a small but growing group of professionally trained psychotherapists who know the stress the dawning awareness of Peak Oil brings.

We invite our readers and colleagues to contribute to the growing body of knowledge regarding the unique social and emotional challenges we face in a post-petroleum age. We also want to warn our colleagues about the potentially damaging affects of what we call "psychological terrorism."

We define psychological terrorism as labeling and pathologizing a client's emotional reactions, when they are perfectly appropriate given the situation or potential threat that presents itself.

We are collecting and sharing stories about emotional reactions to hearing about peak oil and the many ways in which people are coping.

We invite you to contribute your own.

Our goal is to first normalize, then assist others in learning how to transform any frozen or destructive emotional reactions into more proactive, productive responses. We believe the goal isn't simply to survive, but to thrive in our lifetime and to give to those who come after us. Time is too valuable a gift to waste in confusion or hopelessness. Join us now in sharing your story and what you've figured out so far in your remarkable journey called "life."

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